Dr. Kai Kochmann

What I particularly like doing and really do well:

Listening, attention to detail, mastering complex structures, deconstructing systems and problems, simplifying, communicating clearly and in a straightforward manner, motivating.



Values I believe in:

Creativity, freedom, inter-cultural openness, performance drive, humour, polite and classy behaviour, personal responsibility.


Airbus Deutschland

AOK Nordost

Bayer MaterialSciences



Chiesi GmbH

Deutsche Bahn



Landau Media Monitoring

MAHLE International GmbH


Pierre Fabre GmbH

Strabag Property &

Facility Services GmbH


TÜV Rheinland

Prof. Dr. Claudia Schneider

What I particularly like doing and really do well:

Analyzing and sorting, getting involved and motivating, provoking and calling things into question, keeping people grounded, being inquisitive, thinking laterally, exploring new avenues, uncovering strengths and hidden resources.


Values I believe in:

Responsibility, performance, respect for others, self-realisation, humanity, integrity.


Daimler AG

Führungsakademie Baden-Württemberg


MAHLE International GmbH

ThyssenKrupp Steel AG


University Hohenheim

University Tübingen


As member of the DBVC (German Federal Association of Coaching ) I am head of Reflacta’s coaching department. Everything from contracting to coaching processes: Reflacta stands for highest professionalism according to DBVC criteria.

We – Claudia Schneider and Kai Kochmann, the proprietors – met 2002 working on joint consultancy projects. Previously we also worked in a variety of management roles in international companies. Consequently, our industry expertise is not a matter of acquired theory, but rather is based on hands-on personal experience.

This grounding in practice combined with thorough specialist and theoretical know-how in consultancy and training benefits our clients directly.


Reflacta clients receive first-hand consultancy, entrepreneurially conceived, with a slim structure and pragmatically focused on its clients. And always priced fairly. That is indeed a difference that can make all the difference.